Customized CD

  • How it works

    • Customized Selection: You can give us you own data, songs, video CD or you can select songs, video from our huge collection for making your customized Audio CD, MP3, Video CD, or Data CD.

    • Customized Printing: You can also give us the design to be printed on cd cover and sticker or give us matter (photo, text, etc) to be printed on cd cover and sticker, we will design it for you.

    • For Occasions: like Prabhavna, Wedding Invitation, Corporate Data CD, Presentations, family function, etc. Have a look at our few samples below.

  • Sample I (Prabhavna) - CD Cover

  • Sample I (Prabhavna) - CD Sticker

  • Sample II (Wedding Anniversary) - CD Cover

  • Sample II (Wedding Anniversary) - CD Sticker

  • Sample III (Prabhavna) - CD Cover

  • Sample III (Prabhavna) - CD Sticker

(Note: Images are reduced in size to prevent copying of it.)

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